January is upon us, the year 2021 a not-so-distant memory and we look to reflect on our successes as business over the previous year. Like most companies in 2021, we had adapted to living with Covid supporting both the physical and mental health of our staff over the year devising a new business model which allowed us to effectively work remotely, supporting both our staff and clients. We were delighted when the nation began to open again on the 19th of July, and business across the UK could thrive once more, with exhibitions and networking events back on the table.

2021 provided a great source of opportunity for us as a business, we entered various awards achieving hard earned success, triumphing as the Chemical North West ‘Engineering Firm of the Year’ and the Yorkshire Business Excellence ‘Social Mobility of the Year’ award winner. These awards were highly important to our business, highlighting our engineering prowess and our work to further diversity within engineering whilst supporting our local communities.

We attended a series of exhibitions throughout September and October; CHEMUK 2021 EXPO, PPMA show 2021 and Nepic Meet the Members. We had great success at these exhibitions, seeing high footfall throughout the events and an audible buzz from the audience who were delighted to be out and about networking, sharing industry updates and their own expertise. As with every exhibition it was great to catch up with our current clients whilst meeting a range of new people who needed help with their projects.

Finally, we have seen success throughout the business hitting key targets whilst organically growing our team of highly skilled staff. This has been a particular highlight and shows that hard work and commitment within your industry can pay dividends. We are only just at the start of 2022 and already we can feel the excitement building at what promises to be another year filled with success and togetherness throughout the Projex Solutions team.