For the last 5 years we have continuously supported our clients with their 3D modelling needs however there has always been certain trade-offs and this in no small part was down to the technology – there was no industrious way to do this. Companies residing in other sectors have been at the forefront of 3D scanning and modelling and this is because their technology lent itself to these industries and was widely and easily accessible. Their advanced technology meant that they could skip the process of using 2D drawings or measurements and use 3D images to directly machine the parts they required. However, over time things have changed, we no longer need to send our team to measure each component within a plant or factory and then proceed to measure the factory itself. The technology in the engineering sector has caught up, recent developments have changed the game and we now have a cost-effective method of capturing client assets as a 3D image! With these latest developments Projex Solutions can now offer 3D technology as an inhouse service giving us a new 3D modelling capability.

What does this mean for your business?

Now that Projex Solutions have brought 3D technology in house there are some immediate advantages for your business; Transparent design process, Improved procurement phase in projects (BIM & BOM), Concurrent engineering, Design is optimised and Increased design integrity.

Below we take a more detailed look at the advantages for your business:

New Build

3D model enables all the benefits of visualisation, error detection, addition of vendor 3D models, and now with scanning technology we can compare the 3D design to the 3D build (including tracking progress.)

Brown Field Sites

Scanning of existing building allows a 3D image of the location of an installation such that a 3D model of a new plant can be offered up to determine optimal position and any potion clashes.

As Built

Scanning as built assets, even whole sites can allow for a number of options; compare as built to existing drawings or models, development of site layout in real time as a 3D image for strategic capital planning.

Mitigated Human Error

As the 3D scanner is an automatic process which scans the area and produces a 3D image of the required area which means that there is no need for any engineers to measure the components or plant/factory mitigating these errors.

Time Efficient

A 3D scan provides time efficiency because an engineer does not need to measure each component or part of the factory.

If you need assistance with your 3D scanning services or if you would like to find out more information, contact us today: