Project Brief

The aim of this project was to generate a mechanical design for 2 wastewater treatment plants. This project was for a collaborative partnership of ours; a UK engineering company who had been contracted to carry out a project for a Wastewater Treatment Facility in China. For this project we were required to produce a detailed design of a water purification process, converting wastewater into purified drinking water, meeting with the world health organisations (WHO) standards.

Our Solution

Our solution was to create a detailed design containing 4 distillation columns, associated processing equipment, structural steel civil design and validated process data. We used the supplied information and process documents to create a 3D model of the treatment plant, which included heat exchangers and pump skids, including all manufacturing drawings.

For this project we also delivered the necessary stress analysis of the columns, ancillary pipework, and ducting detail, to allow for immediate manufacture and to ensure that the design and load calculations of the framework guaranteed stability and safety.

The full project scope included:

  • P&ID’s
  • Process Design docs
  • Process calcs
  • Flow rates
  • Equipment Specs
  • Loading data
  • Data Sheets & control philosophy

Project Result

In conclusion this was a successful project taking around 16 weeks from starting to completion. A final 3D model was generated of the entire process plant, including all equipment designed for customer review, considering all aspects of BS5950 Structural Steel – ‘Structural use of steelwork in building’. We worked well with our collaborative partnership to allow Shenyang city to have purified & safe drinking water to the necessary WHO standards.

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