Project Brief

The aim of the project was to identify process flow improvements associated with a flavouring machine and ancillaries to support the increased manufacturing needs and capacities for a food manufacturer & supplier based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. We were tasked with reviewing the current installation and improving process flow through the area incorporating the relocation of a number of process elements.

Our Solution

Our solution was to review the process feed from the cooking area, calculate the current minimum and maximum process flows, determine improvements to the current feed system, design a solution providing future proofing on increased capacities incorporating the existing flavouring process and evaluating the downstream product packeting, sealing, packaging for warehouse and distribution to take consideration for increased manufacturing.

The physical works solution was to isolate the electrical component of the process control system and the associated mechanical and process equipment both upstream and downstream of the flavouring system. The flavouring machine’s new location required a new cabling support infrastructure and new control panel and power cables. Floor loading calculations were undertaken to confirm the relocated equipment and ancillaries were not over capacity and then realigned the process stream and mechanical process equipment. The machinery was reconnected, tested and commissioned and issuing of the handover paperwork.

The full project scope included:

  • Physical machine relocation.
  • Realignment of process stream – upstream & downstream.
  • Interface with cook process and through to package/storage.
  • Reconnection.
  • Commissioning.

Project Result

This project was had a successful outcome as the machine was relocated, reconnected, and commissioned with a full handover to the client. We completed this project on time and in full from starting to completion, taking only two weeks.

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