The last couple of years have been hard for everyone, in 2020 Covid-19 struck and caused a shockwave globally. Things were no different at Projex Solutions and like many other businesses we had to find a way to operate through these new and challenging conditions.

In March 2020, we had to adapt and devise a new business model which would allow us to effectively work remotely whilst supporting both our staff and clients, times had changed, and we relied heavily on the latest ‘meeting and messaging’ technology so that we could successfully work remotely and efficiently.

At the start of Covid 19, 50% of the engineering team were furloughed but after just two months the plan which we had carefully formulated began to pay dividends and every Projex Solutions engineer was back actively working on projects. Through sheer ambition and commitment to winning business in the process sector, after only the first two months of the pandemic there was a much larger increase in the engineering hours required as we had begun to take more and more projects on, whilst dealing with the impact of the pandemic.

Due to the increase in work we needed to increase our engineering personnel, the team increased from 19 engineers to 23 in short period of time and we have seen continued growth throughout the business, now employing 30 staff members overall. The increase in personnel has led to a multi-disciplined engineering team in the Wilton Centre which highlights our commitment to growth within the Northeast area.

The pandemic has taught the nation as whole that remote working can work, and that people and companies can adapt. At Projex Solutions we look forward to a bright and prosperous future having adapted to the new normal.

We are Projex Solutions, and we are your Engineering Procurement Design and Management Partner.