Next month is awards season for Projex Solutions and we can’t wait! We are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for three’ awards in September!

We have been nominated for the ‘Employer of the Year Award’ category in the Bradford Means Business Awards. We have also been nominated for Engineering Talent Awards ‘SME of the Year’ and Lewis Copeland, Operations Manager, has been nominated for the Engineering Talent Awards ‘Executive Leader of the Year’.

We are delighted to have been recognised by two brilliant award bodies as it shows that our current business ethos is paying dividends. 2021 has been quite the year, we have had 5 nominations this year (including one win) and we owe this to the hard work behind the scenes from every member of the Projex Solutions Team.

In the last year we have put continued and consistent effort to reflect diversity in the workplace, our work force is made up of varied range of genders, races, ethnicities, ages, educational backgrounds, and personal backgrounds which we believe embodies our client base and company culture.

Here at Projex Solutions, we look to consistently encourage equal participation of each team member and the benefits to the whole workforce emphasise this, we do not just look to tick a box, we want to ensure each of our employees are motivated, satisfied and are able to work to their full potential; continuing to widen the conversation regarding equality, diversity, and inclusion with our actions. We have a balanced workforce, and we continue to progress our business in a forward-thinking manner.

Finally, as a company we are delighted to be nominated in these categories and wish good luck to all the finalists in the Bradford Means Business awards and the Engineering Talent Awards, it’s great to see so much positivity and so many businesses who are not just surviving but thriving!