A new alliance of Teesside-based small and medium sized businesses is aiming to create 200 new jobs by offering developers an alternative to major contractors.

TeesSMEs brings together 10 companies with the capability and capacity to deliver major projects and driven by the desire to create a local legacy focused on job creation, training and shared prosperity.

It aims to offer a viable alternative to major national delivery contractors who often rely on transient workers and global supply chains to deliver projects on behalf of their clients.

Its members include Solomons Europe, Seymour Civil Engineering, Addison Project, AVRS Systems, Francis Brown Ltd, Group Industrial UK Ltd, Booth Construction, Projex Solutions, Johnson Procurement Services and Lynas Engineers.

Together they offer commercial management, quantity surveying, procurement and tendering, design and project management services, civil engineering, construction and structural design, structural steel and cladding, pipework and fabrication, control, instrumentation and electrical services, scaffolding, painting, insulation and rope access.

Founder of TeesSMEs and Managing Director of commercial management and quantity surveying firm Solomons Europe, Dominic Doig, said: “There’s a real buzz about Teesside with so many development projects, including Teesworks, offering the potential to transform the region’s economy.

“TeesSMEs brings together like-minded businesses that have a real passion for the region and believe the post-Covid economic recovery will be led by SMEs and not necessarily the big players.”

“Our collective strength, agility and desire to innovate not only means we can help deliver major projects more effectively and efficiently at a time when being on time and on budget is as crucial as ever. We’re committed to employing locally, using local supply chains and delivering social impact initiatives that make a real difference to people’s lives and career prospects.”

“It’s only right that Teesside-based SMEs play a leading role in the region’s economic renaissance.”

While it is continuing to pursue involvement in Teesworks developments, the alliance is also actively targeting other opportunities in Teesside, across the Northern Powerhouse and in other areas of the UK with its fresh and innovative approach.

It has been built around a mix of existing and new relationships, with several members having worked together on a mixture of large and small projects for several years.

Alliance members already employ more than 720 people across the Northern Powerhouse region – a figure that will rise to just under 1,000 should TeesSMEs secure work on flagship projects in the region over the next few years.

It’s collective turnover – which currently stands at £80 million – would also cross the £100m mark.

TeesSMEs members have signed up to several industry good practice initiatives, including Constructing Excellence, Conflict Avoidance Pledge and the 5% Club, in which members aim to achieve 5% of their workforce in “earn and learn” positions over a five-year period.

Its social impact initiatives will range from employing ex-Service personnel and work with schools and youth groups, to charitable work and the creation of a Resilience Fund focused on offering training and support to businesses and community groups on the increasingly prevalent issue of health and wellbeing.

Learn more about TeesSMEs visit www.teessmes.co.uk and watch the launch video at https://youtu.be/884igRj2B1w